Kee 890 Series -  Interchangeable

Kee 890 Series

Specifically designed for high flow capacity with simple connection & disconnection


  • Suitable for use in water, grease, air & oil applications

Coupling Specifications

  • Back Body: Brass (MS 58)
  • Valve Body: Brass (MS 58)
  • Sleeve: Brass (MS 58)
  • Spring and Locking Ring: Stainless Steel 301
  • Locking Balls: Stainless Steel 301
  • Seals: NBR

Plug Specifications

  • Plug Body: Brass (MS 58)

  Working Temperature (Depending on Medium):

-20°C to +100°C (NBR)
-40°C to +130°C (EPDM)
-15°C to +200°C (Viton)

 Working Pressure: NULL

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Coupling Technical Diagram

Kee 890 Series Couplings

  • Female Thread BSPP Coupling

    Female Thread BSPP Coupling

    Length Part No. Price

Kee 890 Series Plugs

  • Female Thread BSPP Plug

    Female Thread BSPP Plug

    Length Part No. Price

890 Series Straight Through Couplings Development

Searching for the best Coupling & Hose combination to compliment your application can be an expensive and time consuming task. With our experienced team and extensive application knowledge we are well positioned to offer quality value based assemblies that meet with your production budget, reducing your research time.

890 Series Straight Through Couplings Competent Support

Our Kee Connections Staff are ready, waiting and experienced to support you with product advice and application recommendations. Our core aim is to develop components that fulfil your current and future needs. Given the opportunity we look forwards to a successful co-operation with you!