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Welcome to Kee Connections

Welcome to Kee Connections. We are specialists in the design & provision of Quick Connect Couplings, Hose and Connectors. Our products are used in a wide range of industries including: Automotive, Emergency Safety, Gas, Water, Cleaning, Chemical & Pharmaceutical.

Single Shut Off Couplings

Single Shut Off Couplings

Valve one side normally held in the coupling opening on connection & closing on disconnection, retaining the medium in one side and allowing it to escape from the other.

Double Shut Off Couplings

Double Shut Off Couplings

Valved in both the coupling and plug opening on connection & closing on disconnection, retaining the medium in both sides when disconnected.

Straight Through Couplings

Straight Through Couplings

No valve in either the coupling or the plug allowing full flow when connected.

Kee 050 Series (90° Range)

Our 050 Series range is one of the world’s most commonly used profiles. We now have a 90° range available in this series which may adapt easier to your application.

More Information

Sample Products

Once the designs are established we are then able to offer sample products for field trial / approvals prior to full production.

Full Assembly

Very often we are able to offer the full package coupling / hose assembled to fit seamlessly into your application at the correct budget.

Design Service

We offer a Bespoke Coupling Design Service. We are able to integrate your specific requirements into our current range of products or help develop a whole new design and provide drawings for your evaluation.