Kee Crimping Ferrules
Crimping Ferrules

Crimping Ferrules

We offer a range of Brass Crimping Ferrules and Stainless Steel Hose Crimp Ferrules. They are used when swaging air, water, gas or refrigerant hoses.

Product Variations

  • Brass Hose Crimping Ferrules

    Brass Hose Crimping Ferrules

    OD ID Part Price
    13.9mm 12.7mm CF127139BXX £0.56
    15.5mm 14.3mm CF143155BXX £0.84
    16.3mm 15.1mm CF151163BXX £0.56
    17.1mm 15.9mm CF159171BXX £0.56
    17.9mm 16.7mm CF167179BXX £0.56
    18.6mm 17.4mm CF174186BXX £0.56
    19.4mm 18.2mm CF182194BXX £0.56
    20.3mm 19.1mm CF191203BXX £0.98
    21mm 19.8mm CF198210BXX £1.06
    21.8mm 20.6mm CF206218BXX £0.84
    23.4mm 22.2mm CF222234BXX £1.02
    33.1mm 31.9mm CF319331BXX £3.12
  • Stainless Steel Crimping Ferrules

    Stainless Steel Crimping Ferrules

    OD ID Part Price
    12mm 11mm CF1101204XX £0.60
    14mm 13mm CF1301404XX £0.67
    15.5mm 14.5mm CF1451554XX £0.67
    16mm 15mm CF1501604XX £0.67
    17mm 16mm CF1601704XX £0.72
    18mm 17mm CF1701804XX £0.77
    19.5mm 18.5mm CF1851954XX £0.77
    20mm 19mm CF1902004XX £0.81
    23mm 21.6mm CF2162304XX £0.88
    24mm 22.6mm CF2262404XX £0.88
    25mm 23mm CF2302504XX £1.19
    30.5mm 29mm CF2903054XX £1.33
    37.6mm 36mm CF3603764XX £2.59

Crimping Ferrules Development Time

Searching for the best Coupling & Hose combination to compliment your application can be an expensive and time consuming task. With our experienced team and extensive application knowledge we are well positioned to offer quality value based assemblies that meet with your production budget, reducing your research time.

Crimping Ferrules Competent Support

Our Kee Connections Staff are ready, waiting and experienced to support you with product advice and application recommendations. Our core aim is to develop components that fulfil your current and future needs. Given the opportunity we look forwards to a successful co-operation with you!