Kee Connections are able to streamline terminations of both hose and couplings reducing the number of components required to make assemblies. Integrating hose and couplings seamlessly into your equipment can save time, space and reduce costs.

  • Initial Consultation

    Initial Consultation

    Communication of requirements can be done in many ways, telephone, fax, e-mail, face to face usually all channels are used at one time or another, however at kee connections we are ready to support you in the way you require.

  • CAD Design

    Computer Aided Design Service

    CAD is a specific method of communicating your requirements, with our experience we can integrate your requirements into coupling and hose assemblies specifically to fulfil your application needs.

  • Sample Products

    Sample Products

    Once the design elements of the project are agreed we can then work out the best way to provide samples for approvals / field trials.

    This is the most exciting stage of the process as our core aim is to develop products to meet your requirements.

  • Production Delivery

    Production Delivery

    We have all the components in place to provide excellent assembly, test, packaging, quality control and delivery to meet your production schedule. With over 20 years experience, we are well equipped to provide for your current and future needs. Please send us your application requirements and we will be happy to respond.

Communicating Requirements

Communication is key during any bespoke design service. We use CAD (AutoCAD) to integrate your requirements into coupling and hose assemblies.