We can provide solutions for OEM applications that require connection or disconnection. We can make bespoke pieces or provide you with stock of Interchangeable Couplings

  • CAD Design

    CAD Design

    Communication is key during any bespoke design service. We use CAD (AutoCAD) to integrate your requirements into coupling and hose assemblies.

  • Coupling Assembly

    Coupling Assembly

    Quick connect couplings are produced in advance and stocked for next day dispatch so you do not incur unnecessary stockholding time or associated cost.

  • Hose Assembly

    Hose Assembly

    Hoses can be assembled to your specific requirements and test criteria. Our assembly line saves you handling time, stocking individual components and leaves no waste for you to dispose of.

  • Next Day Delivery

    Next day Delivery

    We stock finished items packaged, labelled and tested ready for dispatch. Our delivery service is based on your instruction, we always aspire to surpass your expectation of our service.