High quality raw materials enables production of components that repeatedly meet requirements with respect to pressure, temperature, and medium, whilst at the same time producing a smooth functionality. For example - Breathing air application in a saltwater environment could require a brass body coupling, chrome plated to prevent corrosion and keep the costs down, Stainless steel balls and springs (corrosion resistant) and EPDM seals suitable for a wide temperature range.

  • Material Selection

    Material Selection

    The most common materials for the manufacture of couplings are listed below, other materials are available depending on the application requirements:

    Corrosion resistant mainly used for compressed air and water applications, Medium strength, anti magnetic, good resistance to organic liquids and recyclable, cosmetically pleasing when Plated.

    Mainly used for higher pressure applications as the material can heat treated to offer a hardened surface capable of withstanding high loads, corrosion resistance depends on the surface treatment.

    Stainless Steel
    Excellent choice of material for medical, food and beverage applications as the material is Highly corrosion resistant with good strength without the need for plating or heat treatment.

  • Seal Selection for Couplings

    Seal Selection

    The functionality of seals and O-rings is mainly dependant on the medium in combination with pressure and temperature. In accordance with application parameters we can find the correct seal. Most common seals are listed below.

    NBR (Acrylonitrile-Butadiena Rubber)
    Temperature: -20°C + 100°C

    Can be used for compressed air. Resistant heat and many liquids e.g. mineral oils, fuel, water-glycol and grease.

    EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
    Temperature: -40°C + 130°C

    Heat resistant and specifically suited to hot water and steam. Good resistance to break oils, glycol and fire resistant oils. Not suitable for mineral based petrol and oil.

    FKM (Flurocarbon Rubber)
    Temperature: -15°C + 200°C

    Exceptional high resistance to heat and liquids including petrol, diesel, grease and oils.

    Other seals are available on request to meet application requirements